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The Reef – A Paradise For Scuba Divers

The Reef @ King’s Dock – One of the most popular and visited tourist destinations in India are the island known as The Reef, which is situated on the Arabian Sea between India and Dubai. This is a popular tourist attraction because of the picturesque and idyllic picturesque beaches that it offers, which are situated right next to the water. Also, this place provides a wonderful place for relaxation with the presence of an array of hotels and restaurants.

A Paradise For Scuba Divers

The Reef is a paradise for scuba diving lovers. Apart from the many exotic fishes that can be found here, it is also the perfect place for the underwater enthusiasts. The Reef was actually named in honor of King George VI, who had a tropical holiday during his stay there. It was actually constructed during World War II as a secret base for the Royal Air Force. However, due to the increasing popularity and demand for this place, it was transformed into a luxury resort.

The Reef is located just two kilometers from King’s Dock in the Al-Balad Water Park. This place has been transformed into a holiday spot for both the tourists and the locals who want to have some time away from their busy lives and just enjoy a nice relaxing holiday. The resort boasts of four world class hotels, which include two star hotels and five star resorts. All the hotels offer excellent amenities for all its visitors including restaurants, bars, spas, swimming pool, fitness center, and even golf course. Besides this, there are also a number of other activities such as water sports, boat and air rides for the visitors, and more.

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