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Is Casual Sex Actually Good?

Recently I read a casual sex Calvin post that really got to me and since then I have been giving casual sex a big whirl. The post was about how people can be so judgmental and that it’s just plain fun to have casual sex. In fact, the sexual writer of the article suggested that if you are into casual sex that you get rid of some of those “helpful” social rules that keep you from engaging in this type of lovemaking.

About Casual Sex

Well, that got me thinking and today I found out some of those “helpful” social rules and realized that there is nothing fun about casual sex. And I hate that anyone would tell you that casual sex is any kind of good. So here is the deal; forget all those “helpful” rules that society tells you is great and then start doing what feels right to you and who you want to do it with.

The sexual writer at the Casual Sex blog makes some good points about not judging a book by its cover (I love that line from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan), but I think he went a bit overboard in his criticism of casual sex. He also made some other mistakes as well, such as claiming that women think less about their partner’s feelings when they engage in casual sex and suggesting that being wild is better than being nice. Not sure how anyone could tell me any of that when they are basing their entire argument on a casual sex blog? Anyway, I’m off to my next adventure in the bedroom, so thanks for reading my casual sex tips.